Wednesday, April 16, 2014

{soaking up the sun}

We are just going to pretend that it's not freezing today, and that it didn't actually snow yesterday. Yeah. Seriously. That wasn't cool.

Instead, I am just going to relive the memories from the glorious weekend we had with mid-high 70 degree weather and plenty of sunshine to boot. We sure did take advantage of it by spending as much time outside as possible.

Saturday morning was spent getting some stuff done around the house with the windows open and fresh air pouring in. After Lucy's nap, we went to the grocery store and put together a little picnic to take to the park. We spread a blanket out on the ground and munched on sushi, salad and sandwiches while Lucy ran around in the grass and played joyously on the playground.

We had mini cupcakes for dessert, of course.

Sunday was another gorgeous day, so we made our way to the zoo in the morning. It was super crazy busy there, just as we expected it would be on such a beautiful day, but it was well worth it!

 Lucy made friends with an Orangutan. He was a sweet fella. 

 A little love for mama while we visited the kangaroos. She was fascinated by the 
mama kangaroo that was carrying her new little baby in it's pouch. So sweet.

 A ride on the grand carousel with papa.
 She named her horse "Rockaroo" :)
...and let's not forget the fact that I got to fulfill a major pregnancy craving. Soft pretzels!

It was a wonderful weekend, indeed. I am just happy that it is going to be in the 70's
 again by this weekend. Hooray for wonderful Easter/egg hunting weather!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


So, I was just thinking about how for the past few months I have only been posting Lucy's monthly letters/updates and my pregnancy updates. So I decided I'd get crazy and throw in a good old fashioned post filled with some randomness dedicated to some other things that have been happening around here lately. 

First....Lucy drew this smiley face all on her own yesterday and let's just say I was super duper impressed!!
Okay, I have no idea if this is normal or not for an almost 3 year old- but either way-I'm pretty sure she's a genius. 

Oh...and I'm also very impressed with her dancing skills...and that is she providing her own Nutcracker music at the same time. That's my girl. (I wish I knew how to make this video bigger on here!)

We spent this past Saturday out at Rootdown (the 43 acres of land that we own with a group of our friends in Coshocton, Ohio). Zach goes out there often, but Lucy and I haven't been out there in forever, and it was so awesome to spend the day soaking up some sunshine and catching up with lovely friends. Jeff + Michelle have spent a lot of their time and money this winter getting the earthship house completed as well as tons of other projects out there. It is really exciting to see new life getting breathed into that beautiful place. Lucy, Sunny and Juniper (Jeff + Michelle's girls) spent the afternoon in the mud kitchen making mud pies, mud cupcakes, mud coffee, and just about anything else they could think to make out of mud. There really is nothing like seeing 3 gorgeous little ladies playing in the dirt without a care in the world. Little imaginations hard at work.
...and I always love when I get some quality time with my beautiful soul sister, Michelle...
In other news....Lucy has been super into playing with my hair lately. It's pretty cute.
Zach has gotten really into fishing this year. Lucy and I like to go along sometimes.
She is really excited that spring is trying really hard to come (and stay) so that
she can spend as much time as possible in this sandbox. 
This is Lucy and her cousin Ella. We were all super happily reunited when Ella and my sissy, Michelle, came to Ohio to visit from Aspen. It was such a beautiful week that we were all able to spend at my parents house together and it truly deserves a post of it's own (which I hope to get to soon). Just look at the joy in their faces. I was pretty much feeling the same way that week. 
So how was that for some completely randomness?! Maybe 
I should have just titled this post "iPhone photo dump". ha. Ah well :)

{baby #2: 23 weeks}

Oh me, oh my...look at that belly! I feel like little bean is growing at warp speed lately, and I am more than okay with that. Grow away, little one. You're just doing your job. Getting big enough and strong enough to make your entrance into the world (but please don't come too soon!)

Baby is having some major dance parties in there lately- especially at night and first thing in the morning- but also all throughout the day at this point. Daddy can finally feel movement from the outside, although little bean loves to stop as soon as his hand touches my belly most of the time. Too funny. All of that movement is just so beautiful and reassuring and I love it so much.

As of right now, I have gained about 7 1/2 lbs since the beginning of this pregnancy. I'm honestly surprised that number isn't a bit higher, especially after spending a week at my parents house eating all of her amazing baked goods...not to mention my extreme love of ice cream/sweets in general. Dangerous.

I have been getting the craziest headaches ever for the past few months. I guess that's a common pregnancy symptom- but yikes! They are very centralized most of the time over my left eye and it makes me want to rip my eyeball out sometimes. Does this happen to anyone else?! I just carry around a bottle of extra strength Tylenol with me now- although I try not to take it unless it gets really bad. I don't feel like it's a dehydration thing because I drink a serious amount of water everyday- but who knows!

I have been loving the second trimester overall. I mean seriously...I love being pregnant. But, I could definitely do without the sciatic/hip pain. I had the same issues when I was pregnant with Lucy, but the sciatic pain was usually just in one spot (right hip/buttocks). But this's taken over both hips/thighs/legs. Oy. I am doing yoga and stretching just about every day...but the pain gets really intense sometimes. I already have a really hard time getting comfortable in bed most nights which does not help my insomnia. Let's just say that I am really looking forward to my 90 minute massage on Friday (love having a BFF that is a massage therapist). I'm pretty sure I'll need to get at least one a month for the remainder of this pregnancy so I don't go crippled or something! I am definitely carrying this little one really low, so I guess that probably has something to do with it. I already feel like this baby is just going to pop out sometimes. It was the same way with Lucy.

I have been having quite a bit of anxiety lately - just feeling quite unprepared for this little bean to come in less than 4 months. For a little while there- we thought that maybe we would be moving sometime this summer. Sure, that definitely would have been a bit stressful in itself- but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for the move to actually happen. But as luck would have it- it looks like we'll be putting that off for about another year or so. It's okay- I've made my peace with that. Now it's time to focus on everything that needs to be done here before little bean arrives. The biggest project will be cleaning out my beloved craft room/office and turning it into a lovely little bedroom for miss Lucy. Her current bedroom will remain the nursery and I doubt that we'll change much about it for little bean. So yeah, that really will be quite a large project, especially considering that we'll need to majorly clean out/organize the basement to make room for all of the craft room/office stuff to be stored. So right now, we are working on that part of things. I'm focusing right now on getting the baby stuff/clothes organized in a way where we'll be able to easily access what we need as soon as the babe is born. I keep thinking about the fact that we have no idea if the bean is a boy or a girl- and who knows if we'll even need all of these clothes that I am spending so much time organizing right now. Ah well. In any case- the organizing would need to happen anyway and it's kind of therapeutic! It's also very therapeutic to be getting rid of things that we definitely don't need anymore and sending loads of stuff to the trash can or the thrift store. Sweet, sweet spring cleaning.

I just started re-reading my copy of Spiritual Midwifery (Ina May Gaskin) to start mentally preparing myself for the whole birth process again. Yes- the birth stories are all very hippy dippy- but still, they are incredibly empowering to read...especially when preparing for a natural/home birth. I'd by lying if I said I wasn't hoping for a shorter labor this time around, but there is definitely a bigger part of me that is really excited to have the experience again. Bring it on!....but not yet :)

Friday, April 4, 2014

{34 months}

Dear Lucy,

I have some really good news. Spring is finally breaking through! It's I never want to speak too soon, but I really think it's happening this time. Fingers crossed.

Here are some things you've been up to lately:

You are crazy verbal. Seriously. Everyone is always commenting on how good of a "talker" you are. I am constantly amazed at how hard you work to say things correctly. You have a solid list of phrases that you love to use, and you are constantly adding more each and every day.
 You love learning about how things work. You ask a lot of questions and then you'll repeat things back to us as if to make sure you have the information correct. Even if you don't- we pretend you do because it is just so gosh darn cute.

You call getting dressed "taking a dress". For example, after you get up and use the potty first thing in the morning, you will ask me if it is time for you to "take a dress". It's so proper sounding. Cracks me up. You've actually been saying this one for awhile.

Some more of your current favorite phrases include: "mommy- you're my best friend!" "I'm so happy you're here!" "I'm so proud of you!" "I'm in love with you, mama" (this comes from all of the Disney movies you have been watching lately- whenever the prince/princess kiss, you say "aww they're in love!")

You still wear pull-ups at naptime and bedtime, but other than that, you are pretty much totally potty trained. You don't even mess with potty seats or even stools most of the time. You just back yourself up to it and pull yourself up, then you wipe, flush, wash your hands and you're outta there. We don't even have to go in the bathroom with you...but we still usually do :) We are so stinking proud of you. We plan on night training soon- definitely before the new baby comes- which is only 4 months away(!!!!)

You love going on "dates" with daddy and I. It only counts as a date to you if we actually go to a restaurant. haha.
You love to narrate anything and everything going on around you these days. For example, we went on a date with daddy a couple of weeks ago to the Claddagh Irish Pub for dinner and there was a family sitting near us with a little girl, maybe around 1 year old. She was not a happy camper during their meal and you narrated absolutely everything they did. "Oh no- that baby dropped her cup!" "mama- that baby is mad". "I think that baby needs to go night night!" Luckily, the parents had a sense of humor and just kept laughing whenever you made your comments. The best/worst is when you narrate everything while we are a public restroom. "Good job mommy! you went pee pee". Haha. omg.

You love wearing sunglasses and you look absolutely adorable in them. You have an ever growing collection of shades and I am not complaining one bit. You sure know how to rock em, girl.

You've always had really sensitive skin, but it's really been taking it's toll on you these past couple of months. I took you to the doctor a few times in February because you kept getting these circular patches of scaly skin all over your legs. They quickly ruled out ringworm but weren't quite sure what is was. The best guess was nummular eczema, so the doctor prescribed a special steroid ointment to see if that would help. Otherwise, we'd need to see a dermatologist. Luckily, the ointment did the trick and your "spots" (as you liked to call them) started to disappear. You still get one or two every now again, but we quickly nip them in the bud. On top of all of that, you have this all over body rash that comes and goes. We can't seem to figure out what is causing it- I'm guessing the winter weather hasn't helped things. Luckily, it never seems to bother you much at all.

The thought of you becoming a big sister is absolutely heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time. In just a matter of months, you will go from being my only child to my oldest child. What a strange and beautiful thought that is. You are already such a good helper and I just know you are going to be the best big sister in the world. You love to kiss, talk and sing to my growing belly and it makes my heart just explodes with gratitude.
You are silly, assertive, sensitive, observant, thoughtful, creative, smart, independent and a million other amazing things all wrapped up into the sweetest little blonde haired, blue eyed package. You are my wild everything.

I love you to the moon and back...
All my heart.

Love, Mama

Friday, March 21, 2014

{baby # 2: 20 weeks}

I will actually be 21 weeks along as of tomorrow, but I thought the 20 week mark deserved a post all it's own. There is something quite magical about hitting the halfway point. The best part about this week has been that I am really feeling a lot more movement now. Just over the past 3-4 days, baby is making it's presence known quite a bit more often. Absolute bliss. 

Another great thing about this week was that we were able to see the little bean at our ultrasound appointment last friday. We never had one with Lucy, so it was extra awesome to see baby swimming around in there quite happily. I am measuring right on track and little bean weighs about 10 or so ounces at this point. I was just so relieved to hear that everything was developing just as it should be at this point. We did not, however, find out the gender- so our ultrasound technician is the only one with that information :)
I feel like we've hit a growth spurt this week. My midwife said that would happen around this time, and that is also about the time where my blood volume will start to double. So along with all of that, I've definitely been feeling a lack of energy and and increase in hunger. Seriously. I am super ravenous all of the sudden, much like I was at the very beginning of this pregnancy. Hungry, growing baby in there...and I am more than happy to comply :) 

The increase in blood volume has also brought back the occasional bloody nose (I had them a lot in the second trimester with Lucy). I've also been having a tough couple of days as far as sciatic pain is concerned, but yoga and just a lot of stretching in general really helps, along with as many massages as possible from the hubs :) 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

{baby # 2: 19 weeks}

I had my monthly visit with the midwife a couple of days ago. All is well in baby land. I can't even explain how reassuring it is to hear that tiny beautiful little heartbeat on the doppler. It is the most magical sound in the world. It's especially reassuring because I am still not feeling little bean move too terribly much at this point...but it's definitely starting to pick up a bit and that makes me so happy and excited. It's just a quick little nudge here and there for now and it makes me smile so big every time. I have an ultrasound scheduled tomorrow afternoon and I'm interested to see where the placenta is. My midwife suspects it might be parked right in front which would make it take a bit longer to feel any large movements. But in any case, it's still totally normal to only be feeling a little bit at this point. I'm not worried- just totally impatient :)

But even so...I am by no means wishing these precious days away. This is most likely my last pregnancy (major sad face), so I am just going to relish each moment that I have this little babe all to myself. I am also soaking in this sweet time with my little family of 3. Lucy really seems to have about as much understanding about the whole thing as she can at this point. We talk about it all the time and she loves to kiss and talk to my belly. It is so sweet and it almost breaks my heart to think of her not being my little baby anymore. She will be a big sister soon...and it will be an incredible transition to watch. I have no doubt that my heart will burst at the seems all over again as we grow to a family of 4 just as it did when Lucy first entered our lives.

"I taste the living earth, the seeds that grow within...
I'd like to be that earth, a home where life begins."

-Heather Masse, "Bird Song"

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

{like papa, like daughter}

This girl cracks me up so much. She is imitating just about everything that we do these days- which is awesome and hilarious most of the time- but we really need to watch what we say and do! One of her favorite things to do is shave with daddy. She has her own razor (that we took the blade off of, of course) and daddy fills up the sink and let's her go to town with the shaving cream. She is very meticulous about it. It really is so sweet to watch.

Some other things she currently loves to imitate: Saying "Good job mommy! I''m so proud of you!" when I use the potty (haha), doing office work (she especially loves to staple things together), cooking meals in her kitchen, putting her animals in time out on the bottom step and asking them "do you understand?" after she is through lecturing them, spitting in the sink after brushing her teeth, putting on makeup in the morning (I have an old empty eyeshadow container that she uses), following us around with one of her many phones or her wooden camera and saying "Stand still and say cheese! Then you can have a marshmallow!" (because this is what I do when I realllly want a picture of her actually looking at the camera and smiling). I could go on and on here....

Oh, what on earth would I do without her?!