Tuesday, January 1, 2013

{13 for 2013}

I haven't been big on resolutions in the past, but you have to admit there is something so fresh and new about the beginning of a new year and I'm feeling called this year to take advantage of that feeling. So without further ado.....here are my 13 resolutions (some big, some small) for 2013:

1) Breed positivity and confidence. Not only is this important for myself, but also for Lucy. She needs to see her mama looking at herself in the mirror as if she thinks she is a beautiful and confident woman so that she may also see these things in herself as she grows.

2) Say "yes" more. I have been so overwhelmed by anxiety this year far more than ever and it has certainly prevented me from accepting new and exciting opportunities as they come and I am sick of feeling so uptight and fearful. That is not who I am in my heart of hearts and it has made me so sad to feel like I've been losing myself little by little. I am ready to say "yes" to new experiences and to jump out of my comfort zone. I am ready to get off my lazy butt and be a "yes" mom, a "yes" wife, and a "yes" friend. It's time to live and let go.

3) Get ready in mind, body, and spirit to grow our family. We are hoping to start trying for baby #2 sometime in the fall and while I feel so incredibly ready in heart, I do not feel ready in body or mind. I loved being pregnant with Lucy and I look forward to getting to that healthy place where I can feel great during my next pregnancy.

4) Exercise at least 2 days each week. This is the bare minimum for sure. But I know myself and I know that I will beat myself up if I make the goal too high and I can't reach it every single week. This seems more than attainable to me and it will feel great when I do more than the minimum.

5) Take vitamins every single day. I really started slacking on this over the course of this past year, but it is time to make it a priority again.

6) Cook more often. My husband is the main cook of the family. I simply don't enjoy doing it even half as much as I enjoy baking. But it's time for a change. I am home with Lucy in the morning and afternoon before work on weekdays, therefore I am in charge of breakfast and lunch for both of us. And not only that, but I also have to pack dinner for myself to eat in the evening at work between lessons. It's so easy to get into a routine of "quick and easy" meals, but that doesn't mean that the meals are as healthy as they could be. We really do eat well around here and pretty much avoid processed foods (most of the time), so I already feel good about it, but it's time to get even more conscious about what goes into our bodies. We've got a super picky eater on our hands, and I want to her to develop good eating habits and a taste for new and healthy foods while she is so young.

7) Take a picture every single day. It doesn't matter if it's with the iPhone or the big girl camera. Just do it. and don't let them sit on memory cards and computers. Print them out, display them, put them in scrapbooks and albums and enjoy them!!

8) Dive head first into my photography business. Ladybug in Love Photography is a slowly but surely growing dream of mine, and while there's part of me that wonders if I'm totally crazy for trying to do this, there's an even bigger part of me saying "go for it!!!!!!" I have definitely been feeling very critical of myself and vulnerable in this endeavor, but it's now or never and I am so incredibly excited.

9) Read more often. I love reading. I really do. But I've never been one of those people who can just sit down and read a book in a matter of days. Even when I really love a book, it still takes me months to finish it because I only read for 20 minutes here or there, usually right before bedtime. Ever since the beloved iPhone has come into my life, I hardly read at all anymore. I'll crawl into bed with a book and pick up my phone just to "check" something....30 minutes or more later, I haven't even opened up the book. Yeah, time for a change.

10) Do good in the world. I vow to spend more time this year volunteering my time and talents whenever I can. It is so easy to talk yourself out of these opportunities to make a change in the world, but it is simply to important to ignore the call.

11) Hold onto what is truly important and let the little things go. As I mentioned before, my anxiety this year has been paralyzing and detrimental to my quality of life and quality of relationships. I have a terrible time communicating and I feel so overwhelmed when it comes to making decisions or dealing with major (or even minor) life events. It's time to let go of resentment and ego and start letting my heart lead again.

12) Make creativity a priority. I often talk of my poor neglected craft room. I rarely enter that sacred space these days but I am realizing that I don't have to spend hours in that room to let my creative juices flow. I can create space in other places in our home and grab moments as they come to be crafty. I want to get Lucy in on the action as much as possible (although full supervision is required when markers or crayons are involved). No more excuses.

13) Love deeply and support those who are closest to you. I have been feeling so guarded lately and it really hurts my heart to know that I am holding myself back from living as deep as I'd like to in my relationships. I really don't what is holding me back but it's time to figure it out. I imagine the process will be difficult and scary at times, but it has to be a priority, especially in my marriage. It's time to reconnect with myself and my loved ones in a truly deep and meaningful way. It's time to lift the walls and fly free again.
Other exciting things that are happening in 2013.........

*Many friends will be having babies! I have also been asked to be the doula and photographer for my dear friend Michelle who will be having her 3rd baby at home this summer. She was my doula for Lucy's birth and I am so incredibly honored to be able to return the favor to her because I'm really not sure I could have made it through without her. I simply cannot wait to be a part of this birth and to watch my sweet friend in all of her goddess glory as she brings new life into the world. What a blessing and an honor.

*I turn 30 this year! Zach has informed me that we get to go on a little trip to celebrate this year. We're not sure where we'll be heading yet, but I am so excited to start planning.

*Ladybug in Love Photography is officially launched! Come visit the blog and leave me a little love! It's a work in progress for sure, but I'm well on my way.

I think it's going to be a great year.


  1. So excited for you and the photography business, I dream of doing the same thing, but I just have too much to learn. I can't wait to hear about the doula thing, hope you will post about that!

  2. Hello Angel! Love your Resolutions post. I forgot how much reading a person's blog helps me to feel connected even though life has consumed my time and I have not been in contact. I have always known you to be a free spirit, with love that could could support the world. You have always been such a supporter to everyone, please let me know how I can support you! I love you.


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