Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{pajama days}

 So, you know how I was talking about the rough night we had on Saturday a couple of posts ago? Well, we had another one of those nights (and then some) on Sunday. She screamed on and off throughout the night, and woke up with fevers both mornings. So we took her to the doctor yesterday afternoon and they confirmed that she had double ear infections. Poor girl. They gave us an antibiotic and thank goodness it worked quickly and she (and we) got a full night of sleep last night. Whew. As much as we all needed some sleep, the most important thing is that we figured out what was going on and she is now on the mend.
Our girl has been snug as a rug in her pajamas and valentine robe (thanks mom-mom!) for a few days, but should be back to daycare by tomorrow. Oh...and yes...she is wearing her sparkly pink Tom's from Uncle Michael in that picture. She is obsessed.

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